Happy Friendship Day 2020 Funny Memes Take Over Twitter As Netizens Share Hilarious Jokes, Wishes and Messages to Celebrate World Friendship Day!

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Happy Friendship Day 2020, everyone! It is a significant day for all of us as it allows us to celebrate the beautiful bond and so many crazy sides attached to it. While India celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August, International Day of Friendship is designated by the United Nations to encourage countries and communities to initiate the bond of friendship among them. As we celebrate International Day of Friendship 2020 today, netizens have flood Twitter with funny memes and images filled with wishes to celebrate the many sides of friendship. While some of the Happy Friendship Day 2020 memes are funny displaying how a section of Twitterati was amazed to see the trend and others just celebrating the bond they share with their BFF. The combination of Friendship Day hilarious jokes, wishes and messages clearly show how and why the relationship is so important for all of us. 

Friends are the most important aspect of our life. This is one relationship that we get to choose and treasure it, always. Our best friends are confident and critic too. They make us happy and our biggest cheerleaders. Every year, on Friendship Day, wishes and images are seen everywhere that express how wonderful the bond is. But most hilariously people share funny memes on friendship. After all, friends are the ones, who make of you and laugh with you too.

Netizens woke up with joy and laughter as they share Happy Friendship Day funny memes, wishes and images, celebrating the many faces of friendship. Check out the best hilarious jokes on Friendship Day 2020 and also messages that Twitterati is sharing as they celebrate the day with joy and laughter.

Here's How Netizens Celebrate Friendship Day!

Never Gets Old!



Happy Friendship Day!

Yes Please!

Desi Twitterati Be Like!


Happy International Day of Friendship

Aren’t they just hilarious? The above memes display the funny sides of Friendship Day. Again the wishes and messages just show how incredible the bond is, and an opportunity to celebrate it is just so wonderful! So, what are you waiting for? Send your BFF some hilarious memes and images to LOL together. Happy Friendship Day!

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